About KOU

Greetings from the head chef

We are Shabu-shabu restaurant「紺 Kou」.
You can spend good time with Okinawan special meat.

・Okinawa Japanese beef
・Agu pork
・Kume Island chicken

These all three kinds of meat are born and grew in Okinawa.
Especially, chicken is in Kume Island.
Please try and enjoy our Shabu-shabu. You must be satisfied than ever!

About Kou

Our high class space, satisfactory hospitality

Calm wood grain shop interior and warm refined hospitality, colors elegantly our customers' every scene.

Please use it without fail for receptions and a pleasant chat.

"Japan" and wine

For refined Japanese dining, mysteriously wine matches. Wine's deep taste with many delicate dishes...we can by all means recommend this combination of supreme bliss to enjoy.

Particularity of ingredients

Kumejima Red Chicken where the enthusiasm and love of the producer lives in the taste

"I want to send delicious, healthy poultry to the customer". We strictly investigate the thought of the producers this one point, and only use chickens from Okinawa.

To raise healthy chickens, firstly from the feed

Kumejima red chickens are given a plant based original feed of moromi vinegar, turmeric, shell ginger etc. Also, they are brought up comfortable without stress at the very large in the nature of Kumejima.

Good Kumejima red chickens are able to eat for "life".

The biggest charm we can say of the chicken which we use is that we can eat it for "life". It is the taste of this unrivalled product which was realized through hygiene management and the chicken's good life.

The abundance of Okinawa vegetables

We at 'Torihiro' use island produced seasonal vegetables as much as possible. Because of course the freshness of the fresh island produced vegetables is unrivalled, and they are full of flavour. We send the splendour of island produced vegetables to our customers.
※This varies a little according to the branch area.

The secret of the taste of the Aguu pig.

'Aguu pig' cholesterol is about 1/4, and the taste ingredient of glutaminic acid is 2 times in comparison to normal pork. There is not the smell particular to pork, and the flesh is very soft and healthy. Please thoroughly enjoy the profound and unique taste of the "Aguu pig".